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Apata Water Reservoir for Fire Fighting

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Apata Group LTD, Bay of Plenty

In March 2016, Kliptank installed a covered 1,100,000 litre 2.4m high tank to be used as a water reservoir for the adjacent Apata Cool Stores in the Bay of Plenty.

  • Capacity 1,100,000 litres
  • Capacity 1,100,000 litres
  • 25.97m diameter
  • 2.4m high
  • Floating cover to avoid rainfall collection and retain water quality
  • 280mm base drainage and anti-vortex plate

Apata Cool Stores required a water supply that could provide 1,000,000 + litres of water immediately and versatility should they require it for fire fighting. Their industrial site did not have the available land so leasing a site on
the neighbouring property was a good alternative location for the
reservoir providing a large elevated site where they could take advantage of natural fall. The Kliptank site preparation required minimal earthworks to create a level site which meant no permanent costly concrete base was required on a leased site. At the time of installation, the Kliptank team installed base drainage so the tank can be emptied quickly, and the floating roof cover allows for the water quality to be maintained and not evaporate. Erection completed within 4 working days! The Kliptank now sits proudly on the crest of the hill next to Apata Cool Stores and is visible from the main road. The flat roof cover and the
mist green of the tank allow the tank to blend into the rolling farmland surroundings.