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Yurt - Modern Day Mongolian Round House

  • Sizes range from 3.8m to 18m diameter
  • Window options available in acrylic or louvre
  • Roof options available with block out or opaque
  • Easy to assemble on site on your own base
  • Great for Man-cave, She-shed, Beach bach, emergency housing, Trampers hut, Field hospital



Yurt - Modern Day Mongolian Round House


Odour Treatment Process

The use of a Bark Filter is a traditional process of removing odour from polluted air commonly created during industrial processes.  The moist polluted air is filtered through a media such as bark to eliminate the contaminants. 

Bark Filters are traditionally built from timber, but the Kliptank design is able to be used for this process. 

Using a Kliptank for this project allowed a fixed project price for the customer as well as a solution that could be relocated at a later date. 


Trickle Filter for Waste Water Treatment 

The Trickle filter tank came about due to engineers thinking outside the box.  Councils with few ratepayers don't have deep pockets - hence the need to investigate a solution that more suitably fitted the budget.

Using the Kliptank as a Trickle Filter rather than a Concrete structure came in at about 1/3 the cost.

The Kliptank is effectively a tube that has been filled with plastic media that allow water to trickle over the top of the media and flow out the base of the tank to a further treatment process. 

Kliptank were also able to manufacture the ladders and platform for accessing the tank spray boom located in the centre of the tank.

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