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Uncovered Tanks

Up to 3m high, 45.8m diameter and holding up to 5.5 million litres total capacity. Perfect for on farm dairy effluent storage, fish farms and treatment tanks where large surface areas are required.

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Covered Tanks

Up to 3m high, 45.8m diameter and holding up to 5 million litres total capacity, the addition of a floating cover on your tank allows for less rainfall catchment into your tank and minimises odour when storing dairy effluent. For water storage, a cover will eliminate evaporation and prevent algae growth.

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Trussed Roof Tanks

Up to 6m high, 21m diameter and 2 million litres in total volume a trussed roof tank is perfect for potable water storage with its UV blockout cover.

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Kliptank have designed and patented our own stirring and aeration system which uses a pump to power several stirring nozzles and introduce oxygen via a venturi design

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Kliptanks can be fitted with any number of fittings depending on the scope of the project. Our most common fittings include inlets, outlets & overflows at 50mm to 150mm diameters.

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Unique Projects

Kliptank, with our own in house engineers, are constantly researching and developing new product solutions as our customers ask us for innovate ways to solve storage problems. Here we show some of those "out of the box" projects we have completed

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