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 Functional, practical, multi-usage water, effluent and industrial liquid storage tanks

At KlipTank our mission is to provide effective liquid storage solutions that are easy to install and cost effective for your business or community.

Developed in 2008, KlipTank produced New Zealand’s first patented above ground, clip-together, liquid storage tank. We pioneered above ground dairy effluent storage in New Zealand, providing a more compliant, safer, more attractive storage option than traditional in-ground ponds.

Fifteen years on and we’re now leaders in the field of water storage for horticulture, community drinking water, firefighting, and wastewater treatment in New Zealand, with a growing global demand for our innovative products.

Proud to be New Zealand designed, engineered and manufactured, we provide effluent, water and chemical storage solutions that are customised to your requirement, and available in uncovered, covered and trussed roofs ranging up to a capacity of 6 million litres.

Since 2009, we have sold more than 700 storage tanks across New Zealand, Australia and across our various export markets. Our satisfied clients range from lifestyle block owners, farmers, and orchardists right through to large scale commercial organisations and councils looking for liquid storage security for their own property or community.

Our patented design delivers flat-packed tank components direct to site

  • Customise the tanks to store water and effluent
  • Irrigate your farm with recycled wastewater (more nutritious for soil)
  • Minimise wastage of water
  • Harvest rainwater
  • Made with reusable materials
  • Personnel training for optimum use
  • Relocation of the tank if needed
  • Installation with minimal prep
  • 100% transparent pricing
  • Customisable inlets and outlets

What our customers have to say

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A smart transition to sustainable water management


Securing water sovereignty

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a concrete pad for a KlipTank?

No, you don’t. Most of our tanks require a ground bearing of 30kPa unless we specify otherwise. Generally, you would scrape off the grass and topsoil and create a 60mm compacted layer of crusher dust or fines. Specific site preparation requirements may vary depending on the project.

Who can do my site preparation?

You have the option to do it yourself or hire a local contractor. We provide detailed instructions to make the process as easy as possible, and our Installation Manager is available for advice at any time.

Can a KlipTank be used on soft or unstable ground like Peat?

Absolutely. KlipTank specialises in these situations. Our tanks are engineered to withstand subsidence and movement. Please note that customers will need to sign a Waiver at the time of entering into an Agreement, acknowledging the need for extra monitoring and the possibility of additional costs for site preparation and maintenance.

Do we need to get a Building Consent for our KlipTank?

Yes, according to the NZ Building Code, any structure over 1.2m high or holding more than 35,000 litres requires a Building Consent. KlipTank will handle all the paperwork and lodge it on your behalf. We charge a small admin fee for this service and will pass on the Council’s charges at the end of your installation. This process ensures that a certified Engineer signs off on the tank design and conducts site-specific structural calculations for seismic, wind, and snow loadings.

What are KlipTanks made from?

KlipTanks are made from high-quality materials sourced from New Zealand.


  • Walls: HDPE Panel with UV Inhibitors (thickness 4.5mm) with PVC extruded upright.
  • Top and Bottom Rings: Grade 6106 aluminium.
  • Wire Ropes: Galvanised wire rope with stainless steel swage ends and bronze connecting turnbuckles are customised according to the specific storage requirement.
  • Liner: Liners are customised according to the specific storage requirement.
  • Roof Cover: Available in UV block out, stabilised PVC cover and hard roof cover options.
  • Fittings: Alloy plate fittings with galvanised steel nozzle at size specified. Glass-reinforced Nylon bulkhead fittings (Hansen) and stainless fasteners.