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Kliptank Ltd was the first NZ producer of internationally patented above ground modular HDPE plastic bulk storage tanks for use as water storage tanks and effluent tanks. We also make storage tanks for whey, molasses, wine, juice, oils and waste water treatment plants.

Kliptank™ Open Top Storage Tanks are ideal for the storage of Dairy effluent and range from 67,000 litres to 3,000,000 litres. These tanks are 2 meters or 2.4 meters high.
Dairy Effluent Tanks are able to be covered to avoid rainfall collection which can reduce your storage size and also mean cost savings in not irrigating rain back to your pasture.

Kliptank™ Pitched roof Storage Tanks at 3.0m high range from 34,000 litres to 1,156,000 litres and are perfect for water storage - rain collection, community water supply or irrigation tanks.

Kliptanks can be taken down and relocated.

Kliptank™ assembly takes 1 to 7 days depending on size.

Kliptanks have a sand base, more cost effective than concrete or clay.

Kliptanks are safer than in ground ponds.

Kliptank Ltd. Work with all local councils to obtain Building Consent for you saving paperwork, time & answer those tricky questions often posed by Councils.

Kliptank Ltd. provides and pays for Engineers plans and specifications.

Kliptank™ liners are UV inhibited flexible polypropylene potable food grade liners custom made for each tank and come with a 20 year warranty..

Kliptank™ arrive flat packed to your site - perfect for transporting and shipping for export.

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